Helping School Administrators to Succeed

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Sep. 21, 2012

Helping School Administrators to Succeed

Trinity University education professor collaborates on guidebook for instructional leadership

SAN ANTONIO - Even school administrators can benefit from professional guidance, according to a new book written by Angela Breidenstein, associate professor of education at Trinity University, and three collaborators

Titled Leading for Powerful Learning: A Guide for Instructional Leaders, the book  Angela Breidenstein's book offers a practical, research-based framework for instructional leadership. Breidenstein said the book is intended for educators, especially instructional leaders such as teacher leaders, principals, school district office leaders, superintendents, and university educators who teach in leadership preparation programs, such as Trinity's programs that lead to a Master of Arts in Teaching or a master's degree in school administration or school psychology.

Her co-authors joined forces through a critical friends group and all serve on the board of the national School Reform Initiative. The co-authors are Kevin Fahey, coordinator of programs in Educational Leadership at Salem State University in Salem, Mass.; Carl Glickman, president of the Institute for Schools, Education, and Democracy and professor emeritus of education at the University of Georgia; and Frances Hensley, a founding member and director of the School Reform Initiative.

The book identifies specific structures, formats, and strategies that an instructional leader can use to support new and veteran principals and teacher leaders. The authors also discuss ways to think about which structures are most appropriate for particular settings and offer suggestions on the most effective way to work with such structures.

The book, published by Teachers College Press at Columbia University, combines theory with best practices to create a vision of how 21st-century instructional leaders can improve education for all students. To purchase the book, click here.

-- Susie P. Gonzalez