Our Cats

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This listing of cats is current as of August 2015. However, any and all cats on campus–whether known or new arrivals–are considered to be part of our program. Please contact the Cat Alliance for any issues related to cats on campus.

Art Cat

ART Cat — Beau is the official, and very vocal, greeter of M lot. Whether you're carrying a food bucket or not, you'll get a shout-out from Beau.


MARRS-McLEAN Cats —Sisters Fiona and Flora make their home on the east side of the science building.

Coates Cats

COATES Cat — Keith, named after Rolling Stones band member Keith Richardsis one of the original two Coates cats. Thin Man was adopted over the summer.

Murchison Cats

MURCHISON Cat — Felix was born near the tennis courtsand hand-raised by Cat Alliance members.


BEZE Cats — Sunkist was adopted over the summer by a Trinity employee. Former Bell Center cat Dit is now the feline in charge at Beze. A gray-and-white cat also lives here.


ISABEL Cats — Dot has relocated to Isabel from his former home at the Bell Center. Sonny got tired of living alone at Storch and now lives with his buds Greyson and Jupiter, a gray-and-white cat. Greyson is the newest addition to the gang.

Police Cats

CHARMED ONES (POLICE Cats) — Piper, Prue, and Phoebe are three sisters named after the sisters in the Charmed television series from the 1990s. They live with Leo, a black cat who was a former Bell Center resident.


PRASSEL GARAGE Cats — Serena and Baby have their own "indoor" station in Prassel Garage. They like to be called to eat with their special dinner bell.


MILLER #1 Cats — Longtime campus residents Pistol, Tux, and Teenager, along with newcomer Bowie, live in the freshman quad and serve as a welcoming committee for new students on campus. Tux is also a regular at the Coates Station


MILLER #2 Cats — Charcoal and Jett are quite friendly and enjoy the extra attention that comes with living near students.