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2014-2015 Handbook

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Assembled by the Division of Student Affairs, this digital student handbook presents the statements guiding the Trinity University community and provides a compendium of the significant policies and procedures related to student life on campus. Take time to familiarize yourself with these important documents.

Who We Are

Mission Statement

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Non-discrimination and Diversity Policy

       -Courses of Study Bulletin
       -Academic Honor Code

       -Copyright & Information Technology

How We Live Together

In order to create a University environment in which civility, decency, and respect are honored, Trinity University has Standards of Student Conduct. Established procedures for University action in the event of policy violations are set forth, as well.

The major policies related to student conduct are:
Alcohol Policy  Find resources related to alcohol use here
Anti-harassment Policy
Drug Policy

Hazing Policy

Sexual Misconduct Policy  Find resources related to sexual misconduct here.
Weapons Policy

Policies and procedures for smoking, posting and promotions, communications, financial obligations, student activity fee, and student organizations are all here. All persons using Trinity University equipment, connections, or software, are bound by these rules and policies.

Policies and procedures for Residential Life reflect the University's Standards of Conduct. The Dean of Students Student Conduct page provides valuable information. 


The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students serves as the primary coordinator of response and support to students with concerns or in crisis.  Students should direct any complaints or concerns about anything on campus to the Office of the Dean of Students (210-999-8843) or click here.  Complaints will be investigated or referred to other offices as necessary.