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H.O.P.E. Hall
HOPE Hall Residents 2013-14

What is HOPE Hall?

HOPE Hall is a student-created mixed upper-class and first-year student living learning community.  In this hall, students develop a special sense of community with their classmates through service learning.

Mission Statement
HOPE Hall serves beyond the borders of campus in order to discover how we might best impact a lifestyle different than our own.  We strive for excellence as we represent  Trinity in the community. We treat individuals in HOPE Hall and the community with compassion and respect, celebrating their talents and strengths, all while cultivating a community within HOPE Hall, Trinity, and San Antonio. 

HOPE Hall's CORE Values 
Community within the hall
to involve Trinity in the community
through service
through academic lectures, discussions, projects, and reflection.

The Service Umbrella - areas for engagement
Trinty University offers a multitude of service opportunities.  Focusing some under these areas may help bring cohesion to campus efforts.

  • Shelter
  • Health
  • Hunger
  • Education
  • Public policy

Academics and Service
In the Community
Service Projects: Each student chooses a service project that focuses on the issue of homelessness.
Service Groups: Students serve at HOPE Hall community partners in groups which include an upperclassman mentor.
Click here to access a map of the HOPE Hall community partners.

In the Classroom
Incorporation: Service experiences within the community provide new insights and perspectives to be explored in a classroom setting with help from involved upperclassmen peer tutors.


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