Clean Access

Clean Access Links

  • Clean Access Agent Installation
  • Clean Access FAQ
  • Clean Access Gaming/Other Network Device Registration
  • Student Internet and Wi-Fi Setup Manual (PDF)

  • As part of ITS commitment to improving protection for our users, computers, servers, and infrastructure, we have deployed a new Network Admission Control (NAC) product from Cisco called Clean Access.

    Cisco Clean Access is currently deployed in the Residence Halls and on the Wireless Network. We will be expanding this deployment across all of Campus in the next semester.

    IMPORTANT: You should never be plugged into the wired network and access the wireless network at the same time. Doing this will cause the Clean Access system to enter an eternal loop of authentication. Turn off your wireless card when docked or plugged into the network.

    Windows users will be required to download and install Clean Access Agent. This software works in conjunction with the Clean Access network appliances to ensure end user computers pass certain requirements. Computers on the Trinity domain will have the Agent automatically installed. More information on the Agent is available in the Clean Access FAQ.

     Clean Access performs the following functions:

  • Require authentication to the network.
  • Validate whether the system connecting to the network meets the minimum security standards.
  •  Quarantines the system until it meets the minimum security standards.
  • Provides access to the remediation sites.
  • Once the system is validated as "clean," allows access to the network.
  • For more in-depth explanations and answers, please read the Clean Access FAQ.