Study Abroad and Off Campus Study | Prospective Students

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A key word to understanding Trinity's Study Abroad Program is "flexibility". The experience begins with a process for individually advising and placing each student in a program or foreign institution abroad that fulfill that student's individual academic, personal, and professional goals and for which the student is qualified. Options include university enrollment, field study, academic internships, language study, and combinations of all of the above. As a result, while Trinity typically sends about 250 students abroad every year, they are spread across about 35 different countries, each pursuing learning in a way that is most productive for that individual. Some students do research projects abroad, others get involved in their host university's diverse student organizations, and others volunteer with local organizations or NGOs. 

So if you are just exploring the idea of going abroad as a part of your college career, browse around our website to find  an overview of Trinity's Study Abroad program including its geographic and academic flexibility, basics of costs and financial aid, and other details.

Trinity student Meredith Fong (right) and a friend jump near a monument in Hailai'er, China.