Study Abroad and Off Campus Study | Opportunities for Study Abroad

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Instead of placing all students in a few pre-selected options, Trinity individually advises each student into the program or foreign institution that best suits that student's academic, personal, and professional goals.

The result is that every semester Trinity students can be found in countries around the world. Some participate in academic internships or field studies. Some are fully enrolled as visiting students in foreign universities, and others focus on learning a language while taking other classes in English. Where students study, what they are learning, and how they are experiencing the host country changes every semester as the students change.

Where you study abroad is determined primarily by what you need to take to complete degree requirements. Personal and professional goals are also considered, of course. There are a few basic options.

Study Abroad Programs - Some study abroad programs are designed to enroll students in at least some classes in a foreign university while providing additional support such as additional language classes.

University enrollment - It is possible, and recommended where possible, for students to take classes in a university abroad.

Trinity University Faculty-Led programs-  For the past several years, a variety of summer study abroad options have been available with Trinity faculty.  For Summer 2012, the following programs were offered:

  • Madrid  Internship program, sponsored by the Modern Languages and Business departments
  • Shanghai Urban Studies
  • Nicaragua--Health, Environmental Justice and Human Rights, sponsored by the Sociology and Anthropology department
  • Field Geology in China, sponsored by the Geoscience department

Trinity student Emily Endres poses near Machu Picchu in Peru while she was studying abroad.