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Professor Yu Zhang

Artificial Intelligence – the Real Deal

Yu Zhang is the first to admit that artificial intelligence can be very exciting in the movies, but what makes it attractive to her is how scientists are using computers and artificial intelligence to simulate and study real world social trends.

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Without your support, the university could not accomplish its educational mission.

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Trinity University is proud of its many corporate and foundation donors. Without their support, the university could not accomplish its educational mission. Trinity's donors are corporations and foundations from San Antonio, Texas, as well as from throughout the nation and the world. These donors range from small local businesses to multinational corporations.

Donor opportunities for corporations and foundations, include:

  • Major gifts and grants to create unique, permanent endowments at the university, often named after the company or foundation;
  • Membership in the university's Business Affiliates program;
  • Matching gifts for employees who have donated to Trinity;
  • In-kind gifts such as food and supplies for events or equipment donations; and
  • Tax deductions on all gifts and grants.

Large gifts may usually be paid over several years if necessary.

Tom Semmes, Semmes Foundation, Inc.  "Our foundation continues to support Trinity because we believe the University is truly focused in fulfilling its educational mission. [The endowment] provides additional funds for increased teaching excellence and student scholarships, the hallmarks of an excellent University."