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Office of Sociology and Anthropology
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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology provides avenues and encourages students to participate in internships while they are studying at Trinity. The department believes that internships provide students with real-world experience in the field that they have chosen to study and allows them to apply the skills and knowledge they have received through classroom instruction.

Study Abroad
The department encourages students to take advantage of Trinity's study abroad program as a way to gain access to countries and cultures outside of the United States. The program assists students in gaining the international perspective that is so important in today's global society. The study abroad program here does not try to fit students in pre-selected sites. Instead, students are placed internationally based upon their personal and professional goals.

Field Trips
As a way to enhance the in-class instruction that students receive,    the department coordinates several field trips throughout the year. These experiences allow students to observe, discover, excavate, research, assist, and work with peers and faculty on a variety of projects in a real-world setting.

Sociology and Anthropology majors engage in research projects, both on the individual level and in groups, throughout their time a Trinity University. Since the department works closely and in an interdisciplinary manner with several other departments, students have a wide array of research opportunities to pursue depending on their interests.