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Office of Sociology and Anthropology
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San Antonio, Texas 78212-7200
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Trinity's sociology and anthropology department supports several interdisciplinary programs including:

Urban StudiesEstablished in the 1960's in response to civil unrest, the program explores the global phenomenon of urbanization - how the scale and consequences of urban life shape individuals and societies on every continent.

Environmental StudiesThe environmental studies major provides an interdisciplinary study of Earth's environment and how human beings interact with it. Students examine environmental issues from natural science, social science and humanities perspectives.

International StudiesInternational Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program that combines broad approaches to world affairs, foreign language learning, experience abroad, and specialized studies in one of the regional or functional concentrations.

Languages Across the CurriculumLanguages Across the Curriculum (LAC) provides an avenue for students to develop their language skills in fields not normally covered in American university curricula.

All of the programs listed above are essential to understanding and exploring not only our own society and human interaction within it, but also allow students the opportunity to research and learn about societies around the world and how humans interact within them.