Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Office of Sociology and Anthropology
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, Texas 78212-7200
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Sociology and Anthropology are dedicated to the study of human culture and social life to understand how people organize themselves in community and integrate those communities into our larger social world.

Sociologists investigate general principles governing social organization and social behavior in a variety of settings including family, religion, medicine, government, social justice, and economics.

Anthropology tends to focus to a greater degree on the interpretive study of cultural knowledge.  Cases studies  are drawn from foragers, horticultural, agrarian, and industrial groups. Archaeology and primatology, subfields of anthropology, are also taught in the department.

Through our distinguished curriculum, faculty members, and outstanding student activities and experiences, sociology and anthropology graduates learn how their individual lives shape and are shaped by the social contexts in which they live.

Faculty Profile

David Spener, associate professor of sociology and anthropology

Clandestine Crossings

Trinity sociologist documents the experiences of migrants who cross the border illegally and the human coyotes who guide them into South Texas