Residency Program

Department of Health Care Administration One Trinity Place #58
San Antonio, Texas

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Trinity University requires that all students in the On-Campus Program complete a 12-month Administrative Residency. The goal of this Administrative Residency is to provide students with a practical understanding of and appreciation for the relationships between the clinical and administrative sides of health care. The residency is an essential component of the educational process at Trinity University and the final phase of graduate study. We believe management is a practical discipline, and the Administrative Residency allows students to apply conceptual knowledge learned in the classroom to everyday situations.

Residency placements cover the full range of health care settings, including acute-care hospitals, managed care organizations, consulting firms, long-term care facilities, and physician group practices. Placements are arranged between the department's Director of Residencies, students, and Preceptors. The Preceptor is a senior executive who agrees to guide the student through the residency and provide a comprehensive learning experience.

A Faculty Advisor is also assigned to each resident and makes an on-site visit during the residency period. Administrative Residents are required to complete papers and maintain contact with their Faculty Advisors. Residents are paid a stipend and considered full-time students for two credit hours per semester while enrolled for six credit hours. Click here for a list of past and present Administrative Residency placements.  Residency placements vary from year to year.