On-Campus Program

Department of Health Care Administration One Trinity Place #58
San Antonio, Texas

Integrated, conceptual, and experiential learning provides a strong foundation.

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The Master of Science in Health Care Administration for the On-Campus Program requires a total of 54 credit hours. These hours consist of 48 credit hours of classroom coursework that typically takes four semesters, or 16 months, to complete. Once on-campus study is concluded, students are required to complete six credit hours of an administrative residency. The administrative residency lasts for 12 months and includes a stipend. A faculty advisor is assigned to each resident.

The graduate curriculum provides a core body of knowledge about managing health care systems and organizations, beginning with descriptive and analytical courses. The curriculum focuses on the application and integration of acquired knowledge throughout the didactic portion of the program.

Trinity University continually provides students with the intellectual and practical know-how needed to become effective health care leaders. Prominent guest speakers regularly visit the campus, and students travel to our local health care facilities during the first two semesters. Naturally, the Administrative Residency is also an important part of this experience.

Class size in the On-Campus Program is limited to 30 students each year. The small class size affords students opportunities for regular faculty interaction. Students also develop strong ties with classmates that form the foundation for professional relationships in the future.