Campus & Community Involvement
Coates University Center, West Wing, Suite 104
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX  78212-7200
Office:  210-999-7547
Fax:  210-999-7254

Trinity Student volunteering with Councilwoman Ivy Taylor

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Respect. Engagement. Equity. Inclusion. Understanding. At Trinity University we use these five words not only to define diversity, but also community. We believe that community cannot exist without diversity and that diversity cannot be fruitful without a vibrant community. Trinity is a place where faculty, staff and students value the interplay between community and diversity. Through conversation about ethnicity/race, socio-economic class, gender identity and expression, religion, sexual orientation, body size, nationality, age and ability, this community recognizes that by expanding our minds, we allow for dialogue, discussion and growth. As a result of the diversity in our community we seek to move beyond raising awareness to create sustainable campus change and inclusion across difference.

 What are TU students saying about diversity?

  • "embracing and understanding cultures"
  • "like a box of assorted sprinkles"
  • "(diversity) makes it a better place"
  • "growing, learning, exploring, and sharing the best each one of us has to offer"
  • "crucial for your college experience"
  • "not limited to ethnicity.  I think lots of students see all sorts of culture in different people - economic, religious, sexual, political, etc."
Campus & Community Involvement is a member of the Division of Student Affairs.