Spirit, Pride, and Traditions

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Pardon our dust! This website is under construction (09/26/13). 

Recurring Events

Chocolate Festival: Love chocolate? This is the event for you!
Christmas on Oakmont:
Coates Caper:
Music, food, games, and free stuff! Get to know the Coates University Center better during this Welcome Week event.
Diwali: Attend the festival of lights!
Hallympics: Which residence hall reigns supreme? Residential Life sponsors these fun competitions between the halls  at the beginning of each academic year.
Happy Friday: Watch the AcaBellas and the Trinitones perform at 12:22 p.m. in the Coates University Center lobby on most Fridays during the fall and spring semesters. The groups alternate weeks.
Last Great Reception: Share a toast with the seniors at this spring reception.
Late Night Breakfast: Eat pancackes in Mabee at this midnight tradition during exam week.
Maroon Fridays:
Each Friday, wear maroon to show your Trinity pride!
Milk 'n Cookies:
Campus & Community Involvement hosts Milk 'n Cookies in CCI most Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters.
Nacho Hour:
The Division of Student Affairs hosts Nacho Hour in the Coates University Center lobby on most Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters.
San Antonio MLK, Jr. March:
Taste of Trinity:
Try food from different cultures at this spring event!
TigerFest Gala:
Dance with friends at this fall event sponsored by the Student Programming Board.
Tower Climb: As a Trinity student, you'll climb Murchison Tower twice... Once at New Student Orientation and again when you graduate. The second time around, you can sign a brick if you make a donation for the senior class gift. 
Trinity Night at the Spurs: Chant 'Go Spurs Go!' with your classmates at this NBA game.
Wine, Dine, and Act Fine:
Learn etiquette at this event sponsored by Career Services.

Campus Legends and Quirky Facts

Calvert Ghosts: On Halloween night, you may just see Calvert ghosts on the loose.
Cat Alliance | Trinity: Over thirty cats call our campus home. They are part of a 'trap-neuter-return' program, which is coordinated by faculty, staff, and student volunteers. Having a managed cat colony keeps the cats healthy, our students happy, and the total number of strays on campus down, as colonies tend to discourage new cats from taking up residence here.
Fountain Dunk: When your birthday rolls around, you may want to trade your jeans for swim trunks. Students are often dunked in Miller Fountain to celebrate.
Magic Stones: Legend has it that studying by the stones grants you good luck on your next exam!
Tiger's Nose: Rub the nose of our LeeRoy statue and bring good luck to the Tiger team!
University Seal: The Northrup Hall seal has special powers... According to rumor, students who walk on it don't graduate in five years. Watch your step!
Victory Bell: The bell is often brought to special events, where it is rung when the Tigers score points.

Alma Mater

We'll sing of thee, O Trinity, the school without a peer.
The halls of learning, hallowed walls, are honored far and near.
Thy sons and daughters, staunch and true, will ever live for thee,
Alma Mater, Alma Mater.
Hail to thee, all hail, Trinity.
Oh Trinity, brave mother, the name we love to hear,
We'll sing they prase forever, thou art to us so dear.
Long live thy fame and splendor, our hearts shall be thy throne;
Then reign supreme and glorious, thou reignest alone.
Thy colors bright, maroon and white, float proudly on the breeze;
And in the fight thy sons of might, win glorious victories.
O Trinity, our mother dear, we love and honor thee,
Alma Mater, Alma Mater.
Hail to thee, all hail, Trinity.

Fight Song

Come on Tigers, hit that line,
Beat them to the ground.
Trinity's maroon and white,
Best team to be found.
FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT for Trinity,
Glorify her name.
The maroon and white will win the fight,
So play the game with all your might,
For TRINITY'S lasting fame.

Do you have a fun tradition to add? Please contact Campus & Community Involvement.

Acequia and Tower