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Credit by exam

Students may acquire Trinity course credit by receiving minimum scores on the AP or IB exams. Typically a 4 or 5 on AP exams and a 5,6, or 7 on IB higher level exams qualifies students for credit. Exceptions apply for specific exams. Learn more online.


Capable & curious.


They fit in. They stand out. They break from the beaten path. Trinity students come from every part of the world-from 47 states and over 55 countries. And once they graduate, they're able to go anywhere, including rigorous grad schools (like Princeton) and rewarding careers (like U.S. Senator). That's because they are drawn to a challenge and propelled by curiosity. Almost half were in the top ten percent of their high school. It's obvious in the research they do, the clubs they join, and the lives they lead after Trinity.

Meet some of them. Explore their Thinkmaps. See the stats. And then imagine what we'll be saying about you in just a few years.