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Glenn Kroeger

Predicting Earthquakes

Geoscientist Glenn Kroeger focuses on how, not if, temblors will happen.

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Beyond the Classroom - Take your education outside the classroom

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Trinity's Beyond the Classroom program allows students to earn credit for intensive academic experiences that take place outside the normal classroom environment and outside the conventional academic schedule. Beyond the Classroom experiences often take the form of travel courses, but they can also include research projects, field trips, or theater productions.

Beyond the Classroom courses involve close guidance, supervision, or collaboration with Trinity faculty members.

Some examples from Summer 2012:

Field Geology in China

Dr. Dan Lehrmann (Geosciences) accompanied students on a trip to Guizhou province, China, to study ancient seas, tropical reefs, and ancient and modern Chinese culture.

Governance and Public Policy in Contemporary China

Dr. Dante Suarez (Business Administration) led students in a study of the political, social, and economic processes in contemporary China , in a program hosted by Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China.

The Spanish Economy and the European Union

Dr. Bladimir Ruiz (Modern Languages and Literatures) supervised students in Madrid, Spain, as they studied the Spanish economy in the context of the European Union and completed internships with Spanish companies.

Leadership Studies in Alaska

Dr. Sheryl Tynes (Sociology and Anthropology) and Dr. Don Van Eynde (Business Administration) conducted a course in leadership and group dynamics in the Alaskan wilderness.

There are many opportunities  to expand your learning experience at Trinity from cutting edge research to studying abroad