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Chewing Gum in Class

Professor Jennifer Mathews uncovers surprising history of chicle and chewing gum industry

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Students helping students excel

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A student who needs tutoring in a specific course can consult the professor and the academic department for the names of students who are interested in offering tutoring.

Trinity's Writing Center, located in the Coates Library, is a place where students from disciplines across the curriculum can come for help with their writing concerns. Staffed by peer tutors - advanced students who have demonstrated competency in writing - the Writing Center addresses the diverse needs of the Trinity community.

As part of Trinity's Howard Hughes Medical Institute program, the Center for Peer Learning assists students in introductory and second year science courses and selected calculus sections.

Resources also are available online, and books and brochures are available at Counseling Services.

At Trinity,  students are happy to lend a hand to other students

Student Tutoring