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Professor Yu Zhang

Artificial Intelligence – the Real Deal

Yu Zhang is the first to admit that artificial intelligence can be very exciting in the movies, but what makes it attractive to her is how scientists are using computers and artificial intelligence to simulate and study real world social trends.

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Get solid advice planning your academic career

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Trinity University provides strong academic advising for all its students and particularly supports a program for first-year students so that they receive considerable attention and assistance from their faculty advisors, who view advising as an important faculty responsibility.

Trinity professors, staff, and resident mentors work collaboratively to guide students through orientation, class schedules, and program decisions.

In the summer preceding enrollment in the fall:
First year students receive the names of their faculty academic advisor and their student mentor. The student should expect a letter, e-mail, or telephone call from the faculty member and the mentor. Students will register for courses once they arrive on campus and have met with their advisor.

During the first two years:
Trinity generally assigns advisors without regard to the entering student's intended major or area of interest except for those planning to study academic disciplines with a highly sequenced course structure. This includes health professions, engineering science, computer science, music, or those who wish to enter the five year education program.

Once a student declares a major:
Usually in the spring semester of the second year, students will be assigned an advisor from their major department.

Faculty Advisors will

  • Meet with their advisees prior to registration each semester and at other times when assistance is needed;
  • be available during scheduled office hours or at other mutually convenient times;
  • serve as a major resource in solving academic problems at various times during the academic year;
  • be familiar with the Courses of Study bulletin and the Advising Handbook;
  • help advisees assume responsibility for program planning and course selections, and
  • be able to provide a referral or act as a resource for questions an advisee may have in special areas.

Resident Mentors will

  • correspond with the students in their advising group during the summer preceding enrollment;
  • assist each student's faculty advisor, guide their advisees to planned activities, and accompany their groups through the first registration process in the fall semester; and maintain contact with their advisees during the entire first year.

Students can expect  hands-on help from faculty advisors and resident mentors.

Student Advising