Academic Support Services

A little help from your friends.

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Students tackle Trinity's rigorous curriculum aided by a full range of academic support services. The AT&T Center for Learning and Technology, housed in the Coates Library, provides access to the most sophisticated research technology available to universities today.

Trinity devotes significant resources to ensuring that all students learn to utilize these resources and fully develop their information literacy skills to support their various academic programs.

Dedicated faculty serve as trusted advisors as students navigate their college options and become mentors and friends as students move into graduate programs or embark on career paths.

If you are the First in the Family to go to college, Trinity's FGLI Program is designed to offer support and guidance during your academic career.

Students with special needs can receive academic assistance to successfully tackle the academic and physical environment and tutoring is available on an as needed basis.

Trinity has many services  and mentors to turn to for achieving academic success

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