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Diverse Student Organizations

There are several cultural and diversity organizations at Trinity whose objectives are two-fold:

  • to support students who identify with the culture/group that organization represents and 
  • to educate the Trinity community about that culture or advocate for the group of people represented

    Please feel free to try out any or ALL the organizations which appeal to you!

    Trinity Diversity Connection is the premiere diversity-related student organization, where diversity issues at large can be explored in a partnership with associate groups to celebrate, embrace and advocate for a socially just campus and world.

    Asian Subcontinental Association (ASA)* We try to encompass the South Asian subcontinent it our group. We have a mixture of Indian and Pakistani events which can also encompass Hindu, Muslim and Sikh festivals. Our goal is to share traditions, festivals and the culture with the rest of the Trinity community. 

    Black Student Union (BSU)* We create a social network for black students and those interested in the culture and to educate the Trinity community about salient historical perspectives and issues that are relevant to black communities.

    Chinese Culture Club (CCC)* We seek to educate the community about Chinese history through festivals and other events of cultural importance.

    Filipino Student Association (FSA)* We acquaint students with the Filipino culture and promote ethnic diversity awareness on campus.

    Hindu Student Union (HSU)* We educate the Trinity community about the Hindu faith and Indian culture through celebrations of religious festivals and other traditional events.

    International Club (IC) We celebrate the diverse groups of students, faculty, staff on our campus and provide international students, study abroad students, and students with international interests an environment to share their experiences.

    Jewish Student Association (JSA)* We provide students, faculty and staff and friends of all Jewish denominations with a community to pass holiday and events, expand Jewish culture, and engage in dynamic, modern, college-style Jewish life.

    Korean Students Association (KSA)* We share the Korean culture with the student body, including participating in Lunar New Year and Autumn Moon Festival with other cultural groups and Capture Korea at the end of the year.

    Latino Exchange (LX)* We respond to the needs of an individual or groups as a whole, enriching the community with regard to the Latino/Hispanic culture and traditions and ensuring continuous recruitment, and retention of Latino/Hispanic students.

    Muslim Student Association (MSA)* We increase the awareness of Islam and hold meetings for the discussion of topics of interest.

    Sexual Diversity Alliance (SDA)* We increase awareness of issues regarding sexuality and the societal woes faced by queer people and their allies.

    Students for the Advancement of Gender Equality (SAGE) We advocate for women's' and gender rights.

    Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)* We create a social and educational network for these students interested in the Vietnamese culture. President:

    *denotes a member of Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC)

    Trinity Students dancing for Diwali