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Kim Phillips

Neuroscience and Curious Little Monkeys

Kim Phillips, a behavioral neuroscientist, uses non-invasive imaging technology to study the brains of capuchins – including research on the area of the brain responsible for curiosity

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Study medicine, fight for civil rights, put math to music, or do all of the above.

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Amy Williams

To Russia with Love This intrepid alumna embraces change and is filled with unshakeable confidence that leads her through open doors right into her next adventure.
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John Lombardo

In the Wheelhouse Former Tiger baseball player says leveraging relationship building and leadership skills learned at Trinity helped him to succeed as a Boston Red Sox scout.
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Alexis Ferraro

Love Story The power of love is part of this marketing director’s job description as she helps bring like-minded singles together through the power of the Internet.
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Adam Russell

The Good Earth His childhood imaginings of mountain climbing and living close to the land have become reality for this alum dedicating his life to “connecting the dots.”
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Graduation  Trinity students ready to take on the world