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Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, assistant professor of Spanish

Latino Lit

Spanish professor Rita Urquijo-Ruiz introduces students to Latino culture through music, short stories, and performance art

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Angela TarangoNative American Religions

Trinity University professor looks at how casinos can finance cultural preservation.

Angela Tarango, assistant professor of religion at Trinity University, finds it ironic that Native Americans have gambled on the possibility that people from all walks of life would spend money at their casinos, giving them resources to preserve their tribal culture. More than a paradox, however, it is a rich area for academic study. more>>


Peter OlofssonNot By the Numbers

Trinity math professor Peter Olofsson studies probability, heads international department.

Peter Olofsson, professor and chair of mathematics at Trinity University, would like to point out a fact that is obvious to mathematicians but often lost on others: math is indeed a universal language that is more often spoken with letters and symbols than with numbers. more>>


Michael SotoPaying it Back

Trinity University English professor Michael Soto guides students on a path he once traveled

Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, Michael Soto's parents, who didn't go to college, never asked "if" he would go to college but "where." Although Trinity University was the only Texas college to which he applied, Soto made stops at Stanford and Harvard Universities to earn degrees before circling back as an associate professor of English and director of the McNair Scholars Program. more>>


Dan LehrmannHis Classroom is Outdoors

Geosciences professor Dan Lehrmann conducts research in South China and along a Central Texas river

For Trinity University geosciences professor Dan Lehrmann, fieldwork could mean guiding students down the Llano River in kayaks or taking them on hikes in a rural area of southern China. In either location or any of the other places where he ventures, he views fieldwork - especially if a discovery happens - as the excitement factor of his work. more>>


Kim PhillipsNeuroscience and Curious Little Monkeys

Kim Phillips, a behavioral neuroscientist, uses non-invasive imaging technology to study the brains of capuchins – including research on the area of the brain responsible for curiosity.

A capuchin monkey spies a brightly colored object on the side of its cage that wasn't there before. The object is square-shaped and seemingly out of place in the monkey's environment. But within seconds, the monkey swings up to the new gadget and begins to touch it with quick, deft movements and sniffs at it to figure out what it might be. more>>


Kimberlyn MontfordMusically Sublime

Music historian Kimberlyn Montford gives students an appreciation of music, from 17th century sacred music, to opera, and African American music.

It wouldn't be too hard to find Kimberlyn Montford, associate professor of music at Trinity University, when she is not on campus. You could probably find her at whatever concert is taking place in the area. Montford might be attending the San Antonio Symphony, where she holds a season subscription. Or she might be at the annual Austin City Limits music festival. And don't overlook The White Rabbit, a small club not far from campus that specializes in indie bands. more>>



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